Fiber Optic Chandelier PCB’s

.:Controller board:.
The controller board uses 3 sliding potentiometers. The ATMEGA328p (overkill, i know) is used to take in the voltage that is divided from the pot. The data is then transmitted via the Xbee transceiver to the chandelier. **Note: There is an error in the sensitivity of the slider pot. It is either a voltage division issue or just the sensitivity of the elements sweep. I will update when i change it, or comment if you change it.

.:Chandelier Main Board:.
The chandelier has 9 LED’s 3 of each color. The LED’s are driven by a set of 3 mosfets which are connected to another ATMEGA328 (overkill again). The mosfets are connected to pwm pins on the atmega. When a valid data packet is received from the control board or computer the chandelier will respond by varying the pulse width to each channel (RGB).

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